From engineer, lawyer to teacher

Photo by Clara Quach

By Clara Quach and Vivian Zheng

Jason Barbarics, the new Advanced Placement and regular physics teacher, has gone through many different experiences before becoming part of the staff at San Gabriel High School (SGHS).

Barbarics, a graduate from University of Virginia, has had a range of jobs for the past several years: electrical engineer, software engineer, owner of a technology consulting firm, attorney, and finally, teacher—not just as a physics teacher, but also an AP Calculus teacher. However, out of all the experiences he has gone through Barbarics changed his major—from electrical engineering— and ended up upholding his passion for teaching.

“Law didn’t have either of those [working with and teaching others and science]. [So] I decided I like to teach as a career,” Barbarics said.

For Barbarics, the sight of thrilled students, when he helps them grasp a concept, makes him deeply satisfied.

“I really do enjoy helping people. It’s just great to impart knowledge to students, but then I think if you put physics into that equation, then physics is just fun,” Barbarics said. “If you enjoy teaching people and you get to teach something that you really enjoy, then perfect.”

His passion was partially the result of seeing the impact that his mother, who was an AP English teacher, had on her students who valued what she had taught them.

“She had people that went out of their way to come back and thank her for changing their lives,” Barbarics said. “I think that is something that I definitely aspire too.”

Barbarics hopes to inspire his students throughout his career at SGHS.

“Everyone’s got different abilities and different strengths, so that can really dictate where you’re going to be most effective and where you’re going to have the most fun and drive the most enjoyment,” Barbarics said. “For me, physics is the perfect spot.”



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