Junior Zetao Xie's current ID card and last year's ID card has the same picture.

New student ID photos no longer offered

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It has been an annual tradition at San Gabriel High School that every school year students take their yearbook pictures on their registration days. Those pictures were also used for their school identification (ID) cards; However, things went a different route this year. Yearbook pictures were not taken on the registration day with exception of the freshman class. Students were concerned as they received their 2017-18 student ID cards with pictures from the previous year.

“I feel like the school is very cheap and does not have the money to spend on pictures,” junior Zetao Xie said.

There is also controversy on why the school is not using the yearbook pictures. Some students voiced their opinion that they would rather wait and receive their ID card with new pictures, believing that the school is not spending their money correctly.

“[IDs are] the essential things we need,” senior Angela Abutaha said.

Despite student concerns about money, the administration said that there were other problems that led to the school making the decision of having the same pictures from last year.

“There were some scheduling issues that did not allow for us to have the photographer come in earlier as I originally planned,” Matthew Dultz, Assistant Principal of Business and Activities said. Dultz also explained that even the school has not received the new pictures and it will take months to get everything done.   

However, there are students that want new pictures on their ID and the school has offered that option at a second charge fee of $8.

According to Dultz, students can “get their Associative Student Body (ASB) cards and early release stamps [if they originally have them] as well as their new updated pictures once they are in the system.”

Some students think that $8 is too expensive and that new pictures in the ID cards should already be given, while other students said they would spend $8 just to get a new picture on the card.Nevertheless, most student IDs this year will keep the same photos.


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  1. that’s really sad the school needs to pay for them nit the students this is a frist .what’s going on with the school funds.


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