New football coach plans to raise $10,000

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By Shawn Ho and Virginia Situ

Through donations and the sale of advertisements and banners, new Head Football Coach and weight training teacher Kevin Encinas has a goal to raise $10,000 for the school football team. This money will be used for new weightlifting equipment, helmet decals, and banquet expenses.

Working out off-season requires new and upgraded equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and Olympic lifting bars. The best way to get enough money for this is by receiving support from other sports in school and the community.

“It takes the entire school to support it and just like other sports, the football team is [going to] be expected to support every team on campus. It’s really important that there is no separation between the sports,” Encinas, who has a masters degree in Kinesiology from San Jose State University, said. “Essentially, we all go to San Gabriel High School. We all want to support each other.”

Senior Duncan Bang feels like the idea of raising $10,000 is a great plan. He agrees that the football team needs an upgrade on off-season equipment.

“We’ve been [using] the same equipment for over five years now or longer even,” Bang said. “Slowly but surely, I believe we will [reach our goal] pretty soon.”

Setting this goal brought the team together. Junior Valentin Jr. Villa likes how Coach Encinas does not push the team to do fundraisers or email people to ask for support. Without the pressure from Encinas, the team feels more free about this topic.

“The last time he told us, it was three weeks ago, we [had] $500,” Villa said. “By now, I’m pretty sure we have at least a good $3,000.”

When Encinas coached at Walnut High School, the football team was able to raise $16,000 in a span of only two months by using a Hudl campaign.

“A Hudl campaign [is a campaign in which] the players email their friends or relatives and they have the opportunity to watch one of our highlights video and from there, there are tabs and links they could donate directly through their credit card,” Encinas said.

Their Hudl campaign can be found at:


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