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Staff conquers class in annual, competitive basketball game

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From the staff members showcasing their solid skills on the court to the seniors responding with their own techniques, the staff versus senior basketball game was an intense, fun, and competitive game hosted by the Senior Class Council (SCC) on May 10. The Matador Arena was filled with students and staff supporting their colleagues on the court throughout the game. With a final score of 67-62, the staff prevailed, emerging victorious.

Senior Deanne Dinh said that they underestimated the staff and was a little nervous at first because they saw them dunking during warm ups. Senior Tach Chong also said that they had a lot of fun even though they lost by five points and got dunked on. “I think we did really good, we played hard,” Chong said.

The first half was full of energy and excitement as the staff members started off strong in the first quarter with a 10-0 run. The clock ticked down under five minutes, and the seniors were still scoreless until they made adjustments by substituting in five varsity girls basketball players who were able to score nine points, hyping up the crowd full of students on the bleachers. The score remained at 18-9 with the staff leading as the second quarter began.

The second quarter was amusing as the staff continued to bully the courageous seniors. Rules were broken for fun as the seniors tried putting a stop to the staff’s scoring run by substituting in seven players on the court. Both teams consistently scored the ball, unable to put a stop to one another as the score shifted to 28-17 with the staff still in the lead.

The second half commenced with a more confident, pumped-up squad for the seniors as they cut the staff’s lead into single digits, 34-30. However, the staff was not going to allow the seniors to heat up and take the lead. They put a stop to the seniors’ flow and built their lead back to double digits, finishing the quarter at 48-38. The fourth quarter was more competitive than fun for the players and was by far the most extraordinary quarter throughout the game as both teams remained consistent with their scoring rhythms.

As the seniors began inching closer to the staff by only eight points, volleyball coach Joshua Anderson exposed his vertical jump, rocketing up for an alley oop and slamming it into the basket, increasing the staff lead back to double digits. The seniors continued to battle their way and expanded the score into a three-point deficit, with the staff up at 65-62. Unfortunately, as the quarter ended in under 12 seconds, the staff sealed the deal with Khary Lands, also known as Coach K, who exploded off of the floor for a monstrous slam dunk defeating, the seniors at 67-62.

Chong and Dinh both claimed that the seniors want a rematch against the staff and also shared some advice for incoming seniors who want to participate in this event. “Don’t underestimate the teachers at this school, play hard, have fun, and always block Ms. Wu,” Dinh said. Chong also advised the incoming seniors to have fun and give everyone a good show. “Watch out for [math teacher Ronnie] Woo. He always says ‘bow them up, take them to school’,” Chong said.

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