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Photo by Michelle Ho

Fidget spinners become trending cycle

For those who tend to tap their pencils in class or just want to jump on the bandwagon, the fidget spinner has quickly taken trends to the next level and can be seen all around school.

The fidget spinner is a handheld gadget designed to help those with ADHD, improve focus, or calm anxiety in general. It consists of two to three circular prongs rotated around a bearing, usually made of plastic, stainless steel, copper, titanium, or brass. When rotated between the fingers, usually the thumb and first or second finger, the spinner gives a satisfying, sensory feeling.

“[Fidget spinners] are a huge trend because they are a cheap, small, and convenient toy,” sophomore Shawn Ho said. “It is my distraction from class and from falling asleep. I recommend it to those who get bored or fall asleep in class, or if they just wanna join the fidget spinner squad.”

Since the fidget spinner has appeared all over social media, people have become creative with different designs of spinners and in creating cool tricks.

“You basically can spin the fidget spinner in many different styles,” junior Ryan Lin said. “There are tricks, such as the one hand spin,the two hand spin, and many more.”

However, this gadget has become more of a source of entertainment rather than for therapeutic use.

“I bought a spinner to use in class, but mine is too loud,” freshman Jessie Li Wu said. “I think students buy it mainly to use it in class and not because of [ADHD].”

Fidget spinners have widely become available in various colors and styles at toy stores and on Amazon.

“I think fidget spinners would become more durable in the future, as most of them are cheaply made and not built to last,” junior Chris Luu said. “However, a good tip is that cheap spinners are usually very customizable with many at home materials such as paints.”

Overall, fidget spinners have become popular with those would fidget a lot during class, or those who just like trendy new toys.

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