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Students react to new bus system

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 Students will soon have to start using a bus pass in order to ride the school bus.

This dramatic decision was made by the Alhambra Unified School District for students to have a safer transportation. This new system will help keep track of every student that rides the school bus for transportation and assuring their safety is the main priority.

“I don’t understand the reason to start all of a sudden now,” junior Michele Liu said. “Although it’s for our safety, I really doubt some of the bus drivers will notice and care.”

While many students feel there is no purpose for this new system, others actually think it’s great way to keep students safe.

“I think it’s good to have this new system since it will keep students more safe, although I think some people will feel uncomfortable being tracked down,” junior Raquel Cuevas said.

For some students, there would be no other alternatives but having to pay for transportation if a fee for the bus passes is decided later in during the school year.

This will make it really difficult for many families due to tough economic situations, and that transportation for their child is really needed but for right now no charge would be required.

While many students and their families have to find a way to manage this new system,the only priority at this moment is to see how this system will progress to give students a safer transportation.

Being able to track every student will help see if they get on and off the bus in case of an emergency.

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