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President Trump’s abortion executive order, negative impacts on women

With only a few months in office, President Donald J. Trump has already started to implement many of his policies, ranging from keeping out any immigrants entering the country to now signing an anti-abortion executive order.

Bringing back a Mexico City policy that was first announced by President Ronald Reagan in 1989, the reinstated order prohibits U.S funding to organizations that offer help for family planning that could possibly include abortion. Not all women that decide to confront abortion have the same reasons, different circumstances could’ve led them to a dramatic decision.

“I don’t agree with abortion being done, but it’s unfair for many women to not receive help because many get pregnant by rape and abusement,” junior Audrey Ramirez said.

Although different opinions and perspectives are seen from this situation, there are concerns that should be taken into account. Trump’s anti-abortion executive order can negatively affect women or young girls, as it denies them health access. Many can’t afford any help or treatment due to their poor economic condition.

Women and young girls that do not want to have children need a way out of their difficult circumstances. If they do not have enough support or money to abort, these women end up using hazardous methods to interrupt their pregnancy, which can be deadly for many of them. The lack of access to safe abortion is the main cause of many tragic situations, and this policy would not help.

According to the Huffington Post, the Health World Organization stated that approximately 21 million women a year conduct unsafe abortion.

Whether or not abortion is permitted, this executive order is not acceptable because it endangers the safety of women. And although abortion is an option and not obligated, the reasons behind the decision being made should be respected. 

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