SomiSomi brings Korean ice-cream to LA

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The popular Asian dessert has finally set place in Koreatown. Its fish-shaped cone filled with soft-serve ice cream and topped with sprinkles and fruits makes it look both appetizing and mesmerizing.

From afar, I spotted the relatively small and clear building with a long line ahead of me. I was astonished by how crowded it was, so I had very high expectations for this desert. Upon entering the popular SomiSomi, the sweet aroma of air hit my face as the cashiers greeted me a warm welcome.

In order to make my own “Ah-Boong” (the fish cone, Boong Uh Bbang and ice cream combined), the menu clearly listed the steps to do so: choosing your desired flavor and filling. Out of the 6 flavors, I chose the banana flavor and among the 3 types of filling, I chose nutella. Toppings like oreo crumbs were also included with the price. Altogether, my Ah-boong costed $5.95, which I think is an affordable price for tasty and picture worthy ice cream.

The fish shaped cone was freshly made and the ice cream itself was very flavorful and had a nice, creamy texture to it. The only downside to it was how fast the ice cream melted due to the warm fish cone. But other than that, the Ah-boong was a sweet and delicious treat that definitely satisfied my craving.

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