Cao Shen pursues biochemistry at UC Riverside

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Throwing her graduation cap into the air, Cao Shen is going to UC Riverside to pursue a Biochemistry degree. Since she was young, she has always been interested in medicine. 

“Pursuing medicine was something I always wanted to do since a young age, it was a dream I wanted to accomplish for as long as I remembered,” Cao Shen said. “It was a field that really captured my curiosity as I thought it was cool to learn so much about a field that is constantly changing to stay updated with modern times.”

Since she wants to be in the medical field, she chose a major that involved science. In her junior year, she took AP Chemistry, where she learned about the major, Biochemistry. She was interested in both the chemistry and biology aspect of science. 

“I didn’t know what major to choose from considering that I liked both subjects,” Cao Shen said. “So I decided to study biochemistry.”

In AP Chemistry, she gained experience through hands-on labs, where she had a more broad understanding of chemistry dynamics. This experience makes her more excited for lab experiments in college. On top of that, she plans on getting more involved in Biochemistry in college outside of class. 

“Aside from continuing my education in college, I also plan on doing internships,” Cao Shen said. “Or maybe getting a job in a medical setting so that I can gain more experience.” 

As she prepares to leave for college, she reflects on her high school experience. She joined many clubs, where she met many friends and grew as a person. 

“I think of the clubs that was the most important was tennis because it allowed me to build long connections and be a better team player,” Cao Shen said. 

If high school taught her one thing, it was to not slack off and learn to be independent. She also advises current students to gain experiences in the field, such as internships and research opportunities. 

“[The experience] allows [you] to have a small scope of understanding on how the field works and prepares you for the work setting.”

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