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Pros and cons of senior/freshman dating

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Dating in high school can be something to look forward to for many students, but it can also have its downsides. People often look for fun and exciting experiences when they date, and many high school freshmen think that dating a senior will be exciting.

To some freshmen, dating a senior means that they are more emotionally mature than other freshmen and are more likely to have more dating experience. This emotional maturity implies that they might be less possessive, give good advice, and understand their needs. And, because of their experience, the freshman in the relationship may feel as though they have to put in less effort while being supported by their older partner. However, because freshmen are usually less emotionally mature than seniors, this can lead to the senior feeling as though they are taking care of a younger sibling or friend. 

There is a big difference between a freshman workload and a senior workload. Because many seniors plan on furthering their education, they usually spend a lot of time studying for SATs, writing college essays, and filling out applications. This does not leave a lot of time left to focus on a relationship and will inevitably leave the freshman feeling neglected.

Another issue is the power dynamic between seniors and freshmen. Because of their age, seniors hold a higher status in a social hierarchy; this can create a situation where the freshman is at a disadvantage. The senior may use their power and status to manipulate or control the freshman, which can have negative effects on the younger student’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

Dating at a young age can also set a precedent for future relationships. Teenagers who start dating in high school may find it difficult to develop healthy relationships in the future, as they may be more likely to engage in toxic or abusive behaviors. High school seniors and freshmen should avoid dating for several reasons, including a difference in maturity levels, power dynamics, and the potential for future relationship issues. Instead, students should focus on their personal growth and academic achievement and wait until they are older and more mature to start dating.

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