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Jordan’s Candied Yams

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Today I will be sharing my recipe for Candied Yams. Throughout the fall season, mostly on Thanksgiving, my family and I cook Candied Yams. It is considered a specialty dish by my relatives. To make Candied Yams, the ingredients you need are sweet potatoes (also known as yams), ¼ cup of butter sticks, ½ cup brown sugar, and enough marshmallows to cover the dish. For the marshmallows, they could be any size you want. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you have marshmallows to put in your yams.

The sweet potatoes could be canned or fresh, but if they’re fresh you’re going to need to peel them. After peeling, you place the potatoes in a medium baking dish. Cut your butter into small pieces and spread them evenly atop your sweet potatoes. Pack your brown sugar firmly into the measuring cup, transfer it to a bowl in order to break it up and make it easier to sprinkle, and make sure to crush any lumps in your sugar.

Put these ingredients into your medium baking dish. Next, you’re going to have to evenly distribute the marshmallows on your potatoes. You’re gonna want them close together so you can get them toasted. Bake the Candied Yams for 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). You have to toast the marshmallows until they’re golden, a little crunchy on top, and melty below.

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