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How to set achievable goals

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One of the primary issues of goal-setting is often found in the type of goals people set for themselves. People usually set goals that seem simple at first, but are quite elaborate in terms of how achievable they truly are. One’s goal might actually be the end result of several different actions, making it much harder to achieve. It may seem overwhelming and people often give up on goals that seem out of reach. With this in mind, this list of steps can help to better set attainable goals. 

First, start by breaking down the goal into smaller, simpler tasks. It can be quite difficult to complete a goal if it is broad and open for interpretation, especially if it is something like “lose some weight.” Instead, it could be “start exercising from 7:45 to 8:30 a.m.” or “take Dad’s dog for a walk on Mondays.” Both are steps that contribute to the overall goal and can be easily interpreted. 

Before completing any new, broken-down tasks, organize them chronologically to keep track of progress. To avoid getting overwhelmed by several tasks at once, try listing them in a certain order to be completed. By focusing on one step at a time, additional stress is avoided while maintaining steady progress. Some could be done simultaneously while others may require more effort, and can be completed at a later time. 

It is essential to plan when a task should be completed, setting a reasonable timeframe is vital to success. While it depends on the goal and how many tasks that need to be completed, setting a goal within a reasonable timeframe will further bolster the chances of success. By completing each task accordingly and gradually, the goal can be reached in a timely manner.

Overall, feasible and consistent goals can be set by following the aforementioned steps. People should avoid setting large, broad goals and instead compile a simple list of tasks leading to a certain goal. Goals should be organized timely to avoid being overwhelmed and confused. Goals can be made achievable by following the mentioned steps, and adjusted accordingly if necessary. 

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