PHOTO COURTESY OF SARAH LY Senior Sarah Ly’s favorite art piece was inspired by the saying, “Seeing one’s true color for the first time when you see your soulmate.” With much hard work and dedication, Ly found that the piece challenged and improved her artistic skills.

Ly liberates emotions through art

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Picking up her paintbrushes and gliding them across a canvas, a feeling of passion and joy sparks within senior Sarah Ly. The mixture of vibrant colors allowed her to envision herself in the world of art. 

Ly’s love for art began in preschool, but it did not fully develop until she entered her junior year of high school where she took art classes at school, which eventually led to her taking AP Drawing. There, she explored the different depths of art and learned more about her relationship with it.

“When I took Ms. Jung’s art class, I learned new techniques and the basis for art,” Ly said. “That sparked confidence in my art, as I had an environment to expand my skill and the support of Ms. Jung.”

Art became a form of comfort for Ly because she was able to navigate around her emotions and understand more about herself through challenges. Her art provided a healthy and safe method to convey her deepest thoughts. 

“I enjoy art because it helps me express emotion when I have a hard time communicating,” Ly said. “It also allows me to get away from my worries; the stresses in my life disappear for a bit. Art became my getaway from the world even just for a moment.”

Recently, Ly was accepted by Otis College, a private art and design school located in Los Angeles. She was awarded a scholarship for incoming freshmen based on academic and artistic merit and financial need. 

“My hands were shaking when I first got an email from them before I opened the acceptance letter,” Ly said. “I applied because my friend, who has followed my journey for years, convinced me to give it a try, and she was the first person I told.”

Although Ly has not committed to Otis College yet, she is excited to continue her journey as an artist. Before, art was simply one of Ly’s hobbies, but as she saw the positive effects it had on her happiness, she realized how impactful it could be for her in the long run. 

“I have a lot of self-doubt in my skills mainly because art was always just a hobby I enjoyed,” Ly said. “I never thought it could be a career choice. But I took a chance and went for it, and because of it, I was able to have an opportunity to continue my passion.”

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