Fitting in is not for Chin

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Preparing for school, senior Kelley Chin looks through her closet ready to pick out an outfit for the day. As her eyes scan the clothes, possible combinations fill her mind. Finally, after settling on one, she walks out the door with confidence in her newest outfit.

Chin’s interest in fashion sprouted from a dislike of the school uniforms she had to wear, which were plain and drab to her. She discovered her newfound confidence from dressing how she wanted to.

“I hated the idea of wearing clothing that restricted me creatively,” Chin said. “Not until the past year or two, I started to build the confidence to dress how I wanted to. During my freshman and sophomore year, I was a lot more shy and afraid of others’ opinions of how I dressed and acted.”

However, Chin’s fashion journey was not a solo endeavor. Her sister and her best friend were important in driving her to continue her passion through their honest criticism.

“My sister and my best friend were definitely a big factor in motivating me to pursue fashion,” Chin said. “They knew me the best and knew what I was good at. They were big supporters by always being the hardest critics, but deep down, I really knew this was their honest opinion, and they just want the best for me.”

Chin describes her fashion style as “confident, chic, and fashionable.” To top off her outfits, she gravitates toward multipurpose accessories like vintage watches and sunglasses. Her fashion inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, such as social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram as well as influencers.

“I get the most inspiration from Matilda Djerf, Sofia Richie, and Abelyn Alexa,” Chin said. “They advocate for body positivity and openly support brands that are environmentally friendly, which is one of the most important ideas of the future in fashion. They inspire others and show how you can dress minimalistic and look elegant at the same time.”

Chin’s dream is to become a fashion buyer and eventually a celebrity stylist. From her own fashion experience, Chin has advice for others trying to define their own style.

“Nobody in the real world cares what you wear,” Chin said. “You should wear what makes you comfortable, not what society places as ‘normal.’ Find inspiration from the internet and start by building your closet with basics and neutrals and continue adding items in your wardrobe that show your inner personality.”

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