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Reflection on year-long distance learning being insufficient

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As the entire school year has been carried out through distance learning, students have been struggling because it has been insufficient for students to fully learn and understand lessons with the surrounding environment. 

For one, many students stuck in quarantine were not able to see friends, and although they are able to communicate through messages and phone calls, it is not the same as meeting in person at school. As a result, their connection fades and most likely must rebuild their friendship to how it was before the pandemic. While not being able to see friends, students have also not been able to see their classmates since the beginning of the year. In class, the environment is not the same with few, if any, having their camera on, besides the teacher, creating an seemingly empty atmosphere.

Another problem from distance learning is the block schedule that does not live up to the old six period schedule where students had more time in class to ask questions and thoroughly understand lessons. Additionally, many teachers have been shortening the class period and solely assigning loads of work at once. Not only does this create a barrier between teachers and students with a short period of time spent together, but it also adds on more stress.

Of course, students can reach out to their teachers for extra help through office hours. However, many students may not be comfortable with going alone in office hours due to shyness or lack of time after school. As a result, many students tend to rely on the internet for help, as it is much more accessible and faster. With such distance, it is difficult for both the student and teacher to help each other in understanding what improvements and efforts need to be done for a better class experience. 

Overall, distance learning has been a difficult step with lack of communication with peers and teachers, along with imperfect guidance in class. Although distance learning was an unpredictable transition, it also had its errors and obstacles that could have been addressed if everyone worked together to enhance the experience through communication and feedback. 

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