Photo by Lynda Lam The school is planning for the 2021-22 schedule to be a full, in-person day. The administration's first steps will be to review the bell schedule and then decide what will happen within those timeframes.

Brief: Administration plans full school day schedule for 2021-22

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The school will be returning to a regular, in-person schedule for the 2021-22 school year. A form, which closed on April 28, was sent to students’ emails, asking for feedback on a preferred schedule. The form included questions about the preferred number of classes within a school day and what school services students would like to see next year.

“We presented the form’s responses to an all-staff meeting last week,” Amy Wu, Assistant Principal of Instruction, said. “Teachers looked at the student responses, and they shared what they felt based on the student responses and what the teachers need[ed].”

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