(Creative Commons): A baseball player wears a mask as he starts to play with his team during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more school sports will be required to take precautions being taken similar to this to be able to play during the pandemic.

Updates on sport guidelines for new year

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Updates on timelines, modified schedules, and the current status of outside competitions were released by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

In the middle of the 2019-20 school year, CIF announced that the sports season will start with modified schedules. This is the exact case for the 2021 sports season as well. Along with this, CIF predicted the seasons would either start last month or this month.

Since December 2020 passed along, January 2021 is the time range CIF is aiming for. Each modified schedule will be given to a section office, and as such, schedule dates may vary throughout California.

“Each CIF section office will release their own calendar to reflect regular season starting and ending dates and section playoffs,” the CIF said.

However, CIF stated that these announcements are not fixed as they are cooperating with the guidelines made by the Governor’s Office, the California Department of Education, the California Department of Public Health, and local county health departments and agencies.

“As these guidelines change, CIF Sections may allow for athletic activity to potentially resume under the summer period rules of the local section,” CIF said.

As the case was for 2020, CIF is temporarily suspending outside competitions throughout the whole year until advised otherwise. However, students will be able to practice with the team and sport that they participate in.

Current circumstances stipulate that sports in the 2021 school year will play out similarly to the 2020 school year, but there will be fewer restrictions on how teams will be able to practice and play. For more recent updates, visit the CIF website.

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