Photo Courtesy of Boston Children’s Hospital: Cyberbullying can affect the victim’s mental health, causing them to have detrimental thoughts.

Negative mental health effects of cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is the usage of technology to threaten, humiliate, or attack another person. It can occur through text messaging, social media, e-mail, or online gaming communities.

When cyberbullying is ongoing, victims can often view the world around them differently than others. For many, life can feel hopeless and insignificant. They lose interest in things they once enjoyed and spend less time interacting with family and friends. 

They may also feel disinterested in school. Cyberbullying victims often have much higher rates of absenteeism at school than non-bullied people. They skip school to avoid facing the people bullying them or because they are humiliated by the posts that were shared. 

According to WebMD, victims of cyberbullying can have lasting emotional, concentration and behavioral problems. These problems may bleed into their social lives, as they encounter more trouble socializing. Victims experience trust issues and are more likely to face drug and alcohol abuse.

Although victims are not being physically threatened, cyberbullied victims still suffer from physiological symptoms. they will experience regular headaches and stomach pain, often associated with nervousness. they will also resort to self-harm, including damaging their skin with razor blades. The long-term effects of cyberbullying can become a life-threatening problem, as depression and thoughts of suicide may occur. 

Regardless of age, the various psychological consequences can be traumatic for victims, and it seems no one is immune to the type of trauma it causes. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable and extremely sensitive because they are still learning to control their emotions and reactions to social interactions.

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