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Spotting warning signs from victims of cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying, which stems from online chats with friends or trolls, has appeared more frequently since quarantine. It is especially prevalent as many individuals are increasingly using social media platforms. It is sometimes difficult to find victims of cyberbullying due to their secretive nature. However, cyberbullying affects victims mentally, so if one observes closely, one can find the details and spot cyberbullying quickly. 

People tend to become withdrawn from their environment or antisocial when experiencing cyberbullying. One may talk less or become extremely quiet during meals or socializing events. Another warning sign is isolating, refusing to go out, or loss of appetite. 

Quickly turning off web pages when someone is around is a key indicator of cyberbullying. One may act suspiciously or refuse to acknowledge what they are trying to hide when asked about their actions.

When experiencing cyberbullying, academic grades can take a hit, and victims may fail to complete assignments and perform worse on tests.

Showing obvious changes in behavior, individuals will begin feeling moody and show depressed emotions. Actions can consist of sudden irritation, sobbing, and feeling stressed.

Signs from victims can be similar to other symptoms of bullying, depression, and social anxiety. Regardless, these specific signs can help in spotting victims or those affected by cyberbullying. 

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