Almansor Park has become a location of distrust among the community as three deaths center around the area. Photo Credits: Eddy Tat

Deaths around local park prompt concerns

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After the discovery of three dead elderly Asian women throughout the duration of a year, students find themselves questioning the safety of Almansor Park. 

The deaths were discovered in the duck pond on Dec. 11, Jan. 17 near a drainage ditch, and Sept. 15 in the pond again.  In hopes of spreading awareness, students within the community shared posts on Instagram about the three women. Despite officials reporting no signs of foul play, students avoid the park in an attempt to protect themselves from potential danger. 

“I think people will be more careful and mindful of themselves,” junior Selena Yu said.

“[They will] be more suspicious of others in order to protect themselves. I feel like going with someone [to the park], or even a group, can provide some degree of safety, but nothing [is] guaranteed. Personally, I [would not] go there myself.”

Many students believe the deaths may be racially motivated and not a coincidence—especially since COVID-19 has made racism more apparent. Students were unaware that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office (LACCO) and the Alhambra Police Department (APD) have both announced a lack of evidence that would support the notion of foul play. In the investigation, it was reported that the first woman died from suicide and the second of hypothermia. 

“I do not see how their deaths can be a coincidence if they were all old, the same race, and found in the same place,” sophomore Ashley Mota said. “It is too much in less than a year for everything to not be connected.” 

Despite the deaths, students still cherish Almansor Park as a place with deep sentimental value and memories. 

“My experience at Almansor Park has always been pleasurable,” senior Jordan Sycip said. “I have gone there to run, participate in park cleanups, and hangout with my friends. [My] grandparents [live in this area], [so] it is really discouraging to see that in this community, the people who are most vulnerable are targeted.”

The APD is currently waiting for the LACCO to reveal details regarding the latest death.

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One thought on “Deaths around local park prompt concerns

  1. I doubt this is related to a hate crime suicides are going to become more common due to lock downs
    Especially since there older and probley feel ignored by there family members hypothermia was probably just that at lest that’s my take on that


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