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Byte is a six-second video app that allows anybody to post videos they might find interesting, creative, or entertaining. Launched on Jan. 24 by the co-founder of Vine, Domonic Hofmann, the app is a follow-up to the successful 2013 Vine app. Byte has no limit to the kinds of videos users can make and watch, as long as it follows community guidelines.

The app has a range of videos users can make. Byte has many specific categories for popular types of videos that people want to view or tag their videos in, creating an easier way to navigate the app.

However, the app does not have any features for users to edit videos, which means that making videos is inconvenient for creators who are just working on their phones. The app only offers a start recording button that can pause until the time is up. In addition, Byte does not offer users any filters or text to add to their videos other than the caption. Thus, users must post from their camera rolls if they want an edited video.

Since Byte is not very different from other video-sharing apps, it does not really stand out. This concept of an app has already been done multiple times and has already found success in TikTok, the most trending short video app at the moment. Byte emphasizes that its videos are only six seconds long because of evidence-based studies on attention spans. However, this does not seem to be enough to increase usage of the app.

However, those who grew up with Vine might have a different opinion. During its reign, Vine was the most popular and easiest form of entertainment users could find through an app. Thus, the nostalgia from Vine could draw in some new Byte users. The only major change from Vine is how Byte pays its creators, its changed design, and new layout.

To earn revenue, Byte uses ads. However, unlike TikTok, Byte’s ad systems differ by not having ads in front of Bytes or on the following feed, and by not having ads based on retargeting. This is refreshing as people tend to dislike frequent ads, and many often feel violated by targeted ads.

Despite the variety of content on Byte, it is not unique compared to any other apps with a similar concept. The excitement surrounding Vine has passed, and it does not feel like Byte will be able to live up to its predecessor. Although, Byte was created to entertain its users through other users, not many people are actually using it.

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