Street churros brings flavorful variations

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With novel churros served at Street Churros, I was eager to try the sweet treat when I saw the churro cafe opened in Monterey Park. Originating from South Korea, this churro establishment has expanded globally, with one of its stores located at Atlantic Time Square. 

Immediately, I was drawn to the bright interior of the small, cozy cafe and the liveliness of the atmosphere. The minimalist decor in the cafe consisted of delightful potted plants, glossy white tables and chairs, with white and brick walls. 

On the menu, I saw that the cafe offered their original churro, which was in a distinct, closed U-shape, and stick churros with a variety of dipping sauces. It also served glazed churros, which are original churros coated with either Nutella or marshmallow fluff and other toppings. In addition to these, they offered ice cream churros, stuffed churros, savory churros, and beverages such as lemonade and smoothies. Everything seemed to be fairly priced with the food items ranging from $3 to $6. 

As someone with a sweet tooth, I ordered two glazed churros, Nutella with crushed almonds, and marshmallow fluff with fruity pebbles, and blue lemonade. The glazed churros were priced at $5.20 each, and the blue lemonade cost $3.75.  

The service was quick due to how I received my churros in less than 10 minutes. At first bite, I saw that the churros were fluffy inside with a crispy exterior— what you would usually expect churros to be. The churros themselves were pale in color, but the rich chocolate or white marshmallow fluff with colorful fruit pebbles added vibrancy. The coating and toppings of the glazed churros provided adequate sweetness and were not overpowering. However, the bottom part of the churros that lacked the coating was bland and desperately needed a coating of sugar. Personally, I would suggest a light coating of sugar for the churro itself to bring out its flavor, so it does not heavily rely on the coating for sweetness. For my beverage, the blue lemonade tasted like a satisfying, generic lemonade. 

I felt that the items were fairly priced because the wide variety of churros is a fresh breath of air for many; we are not usually exposed to many churro cafes other than Costco’s churros, so churros are not always readily available. 

Although I was not amazed by the flavors of glazed churros, I was more than satisfied with them overall. Street Churros is an ideal place to spend time with friends in a casual environment while getting your fix of warm, delectable churros in different varieties. It is located at 500 N Atlantic Blvd #121, Monterey Park, CA 91754. 

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