School bulletin needs more exposure

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One of the most important resources at school is the school bulletin. It informs students of school activities, ways to get involved in the school community, and scholarship opportunities. Homeroom teachers are responsible for reading the bulletin to their second-period class, or at least posting it in their classroom, but a majority do not carry out these basic expectations. The resulting lack of information from the teachers’ neglect of their duties causes some students to be unaware of school activities or scholarship opportunities. This serious issue has a simple solution: the school bulletin must be made more accessible by announcing it to the class and recontinuing the uploading of the bulletin onto the school’s website.

The school bulletin is an extremely useful resource for students to take advantage of upcoming scholarships, but its lack of accessibility causes students to be needlessly unaware of these important opportunities. Although students are able to go to the College and Career Center to find these scholarships, some students may not have time or not know where to go. Reading or posting the school bulletin in the classroom guarantees that a greater number of students can take advantage of the available money for college.

Many fun activities such as student art galleries happen around campus but need student involvement to be successful. The school bulletin is a helpful tool for enticing students to partake in these activities. However, the information would reach interested students more effectively if the bulletin were more accessible. If teachers would only announce the bulletin to their homeroom classes, there is a better chance of reaching these students and boosting school participation.

A possible reason why teachers do not read the school bulletin is that it takes away from their lesson time. This is an unacceptable excuse because this lost time has been accounted for: homeroom classes are lengthened by two minutes. With this extra time, teachers can quickly read the school bulletin to their students. Second-period teachers should read the school bulletin to fulfill their basic duties and inform their students, especially since it should not take away from their teaching time.

According to Business and Activities Secretary Khrystyne Tran-Lien, the school bulletin has not been discontinued for the 2019-20 school year and the mass emails with the school bulletin are still being sent to teachers. This means that teachers are simply refusing to announce it to their homeroom class. If the bulletin is not being read, then it should at least be posted somewhere visible in the classroom. For example, if it were posted on the whiteboard, students would be able to see it as they walk in. Additionally, the regular uploading of the bulletin onto the school’s website should be resumed as another way to disseminate important information.

Continuing to create the school bulletin and sending it out, but not having it made easily accessible to students is absolutely pointless and ultimately defeats the bulletin’s purpose of informing. Leaving students unaware of school events and of certain scholarships are issues that could be easily resolved by the continuation of the bulletin’s announcement by homeroom teachers and the posting of the bulletin onto the school’s website.

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