Sam Ly’s Tortoise

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I’m not the biggest fan of fluffy or furry animals; I’m more into the scaley, unique terrestrial animals. Tortoises are able to live so long, and they are similar to turtles but on land. I really like turtles but the one thing about turtles is that they need a large pond, so I went with a tortoise. They break the stereotypical reptile taboo where people think they’re just boring reptiles. They develop quirky personalities as they mature and they show it towards you. My first tortoise, Quacca, occasionally exchanges head bobs with me. Also, one of the most rewarding aspects of having tortoises is raising them from a two-inch hatching and watching them mature into a healthy juvenile. As a person who is easily frustrated, a tortoise can really calm you down. They’re very therapeutic and calming, which is why I recommend owning tortoises. When you own a tortoise, you have to slow down and take things at a nice, easy pace.

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