Anonymous online sender threatens students

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Increased security from law enforcement, district security and other security resources at SG were called to campus on Thursday, March 21, in response to an anonymous online threat. The anonymous sender advised that “no one come to school on Thursday,” followed by the words, “Been having murder on my mind lately.”

The unknown sender submit the threat to the Instagram account @officialsgconfessions, leaving it to the owners of the page to expose to the public. Though “Murder On My Mind” by YNW Melly is the title of a song, the threat was still taken seriously. Principal Debbie Stone worked with Student Employee Welfare at the district and the Alhambra Police Department to work on keeping the students safe with extra security.

The assistant principal [of school counseling], Dr. Hall, texted me on Wednesday in the evening and informed me,” Stone said. “I took a look at the threat and called the district to consult. It was significant enough [for] consultation, so we called the police department.”

The principal sent an email to parents on Wednesday evening. Her message included information about the threat, stating that it was “not deemed credible.”

“[The threat] was something the police department cleared,” Stone said. “Once they clear it, we’re safe. They had to trace the online anonymous post and see how much information we can get [in order to deem it noncredible].”

The threat caused unrest among numerous parents and students. About 30 students’ parents called to inform the office that their child would not attend school due to the threat.

“My friends told me about [the threat],” freshman Meshell Huynh said. “I told my parents and they said it’s best to stay home. To quote their exact words, they said, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry.’”

Though the culprit was not caught, the police department is currently working to determine from where the threat came.

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