California's New Governor

California’s New Governor, Gavin Newsom, improves education

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Former lieutenant governor of California as well as former mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, has stepped up to act as California’s new governor in the recent gubernatorial elections.

After a proper and formal election involving all of California’s counties, Newsom takes the win from Republican John Cox at percentages of 61.8% to 38.2%. Newsom has promised several changes, revolving around payments and purchases for California’s education system. The changes were described affecting preschool, college, and everything in between. Specifically, terms on making education more affordable.

As many juniors and seniors know, college is a common topic heard in class, growing more frequent as a subject the higher grades you climb. College is the next step, the continuing chapter, and in some cases, the finale of education’s journey. However, college has formed horror stories students and teachers tell alike most notably in the funds department.

Newsom’s goal is to clear those horror stories with improvement to the financial education system. The list of improvements is as follows: Universal preschools, solution to teacher shortages, and college affordability.

To lend aid to this, high school courses are now to include college research and more attention to various options on how to make the grueling process easier. Newsom’s initiatives are proposed reasonably well, and his background gives credibility for his role.

When Newsom was mayor of San Francisco in 2004, he did something similar to his election promises. The implications of his promises are just to expand everything Newsom did in San Francisco, on a larger scale and with some more policies in place to be worth this size.

Newsome’s plans appear promising and beneficial to people needing that extra step financially to reach life’s next chapter. Yet, to make such a large dream a reality will cost a severe amount of money, a huge weight on the taxpayers required for this change.

Nethertheless, the new governor is experienced and was convincing enough to win the election anyway. Here is to hope his policies turn up as sweet as they sound in the future.


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