Barrios, Rios redefine values of love, friendship

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Honestly, she’s my everything,” sophomore Christian Rios said.

Sophomore Maria Barrios and Rios have been dating for nearly a year, and their relationship has been nothing short of love and support for each other.

The romance began with a yellow blouse that Barrios was wearing. The bright color caught Rios’ eye, and he was immediately drawn to her. Rios was encouraged by friends and initially wanted to compliment her, but when she approached, he did not react as planned.

“I was walking to my tutoring class,” Barrios said. “I heard someone call for a girl in a yellow sweater. I ignored it because I wasn’t wearing a sweater. When he said it again, I was like ‘what if it’s me?’ and I walked over. He just told me to have a good day.”

After their initial interaction, a friendship slowly sprouted as they began to text each other. They both thought that the other was very social, allowing for effortless conversations.

“She was really easy to talk to and really nice to be around,” Rios said. “When we first became friends, we had a conversation for three hours straight, and it didn’t even seem that long.”

From this friendship slowly stemmed a relationship, and the two eventually made things official between them. Rios had impulsively confessed his feelings for her one day during a phone call, and though Barrios was unsure of how she felt, her feelings became clear on Valentine’s Day, when she told him the feeling was mutual.

“Valentine’s Day is one of the most memorable days,” Barrios said. “I thought it was super cute that he got me roses and chocolates. I felt lucky to have effort be put into me.”

As their connection deepened, their appreciation for one another grew as they supported each other unconditionally.

“Back then, I was going through stuff,” Barrios said. “Now, I feel more confident and open because I have someone to lean on and someone to actually talk to.”

Finding immense support within each other, the two definitely see each other in their futures.

“I want to be together as long as possible,” Barrios said. “I know there are going to be a few more disagreements on the way, but we’ll still be together. He’s my future.”

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