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School removes tiles due to asbestos scare

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By Kenny Lam and Eileen Ong

The school addressed an asbestos scare by replacing broken floor tiles in the S5 classroom during Thanksgiving Break.

According to pictures received by The Matador, the classroom was fenced off and a temporary tunnel was attached to the classroom door. Signs that read “Danger: Asbestos” in English and Spanish were also taped onto nearby trash cans, and white bags sealed by tape were found outside the classroom. This construction surrounding S5 caused some people to believe that something related to asbestos was present inside the classroom.

A memo was sent to staff in September about problems regarding S5’s floor tiles, stating that floors would be rewaxed and the work was “expected to be completed shortly.” In November, asbestos-related rumors circulated around campus about the purpose of the construction, due to the lack of further information.

To prevent misunderstanding, Principal Debbie Stone said she communicated with certain staff and the football team about the repairs. Stone said that the construction was a mandated safety precaution taken in the case of asbestos being disturbed and released into the air during the tile replacement process.

Stone also said that in September, a licensed industrial hygienist was hired prior to the tile replacement to inspect and test the air quality of the classroom. This hygienist later confirmed that the classroom was safe for use.

During winter break, classrooms in the S and SA buildings will also undergo the same process to have their floor tiles replaced.

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