Homework over break defeats the purpose of a break

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Teachers may see breaks and vacations as opportunities to assign their students more homework than usual without knowing that less homework over break will ultimately students’ allow for more healthy leisure time as well as reduce stress levels.

For students, break is an opportunity to engage in fun activities, spend time with family members, or see relatives from out-of-town. Homework disrupts this quality time, which is crucial to one’s spiritual growth and may enhance their emotional wellbeing. Students should be able to have time for these life experiences without having to think about the burden of schoolwork. Assigning less homework over break will result in a more favorable break for students by allowing them spend it doing as they please.

In general, homework simply stresses students out. Teachers may feel the need to assign homework over break to compensate for the time not physically spent at school; however, this defeats the purpose of a break. With too much homework, students may find that their break is not much different from days with normal school hours. Having less homework over break gives students a break from the usual school routine. After all, holiday breaks should be actual breaks.

Others may argue that students need homework over a long break to keep their brains active and maintain their mental skills. Though this may be true, having an excessive amount of work to do over break may end up having the reverse effect. For example, assignments make students feel bothered, causing them to aimlessly finish their homework only for completion, not doing their homework with actual intention to learn. In this situation, there is little to no brain power being put into the assignment. Homework over break may not have the same effect on students’ learning as teachers intend.

Therefore, though homework over break is important, teachers should consider giving their students less assignments. Breaks are given for a reason, and students should be able to take advantage of them.

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