Lara survives destruction of Hurricane Harvey

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Heavy rain beats against the rooftops of houses, and whistling winds blow at 134 miles per hour. Precipitation fills houses to the brim, forcing families to frantically grab their valuables and abandon their homes, while trees get ripped out of the earth’s soil.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana in 2017 when freshman Ana Lara was in Houston, Texas. As she saw flooded homes leave families homeless and without resources, Lara noticed the importance of a united community.

“The whole community was ready to help others who didn’t have their [flooded] home,” Lara said.

The hurricane ravaged many houses, compelling families to evacuate from their houses, and many were also left with no food. In response, Lara’s middle school stepped in to help.

“[Crosby Middle School] was like a helping center,” Lara said. “A lot of people were helping, and it was really nice to see a lot of people come together as a community.”

Lara witnessed the amount of destruction caused by the hurricane. However, she also saw her community coming getting together to repair the damages.

“They didn’t have time.,” Lara said. “They didn’t have money. Everybody [was] up to helping until everybody [got] better.”

After the hurricane, a chemical plant leakage forced Lara’s family to evacuate. Instead of staying in Texas, they decided to move out of Texas.

“We [arrived] safely [at] El Salvador first, and then we came back to California,” Lara said.

Surviving Hurricane Harvey was a memorable experience for Lara. During the incident, the cooperation of her community and early preparation played a large role in helping her survive the natural disaster.

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