Gun control laws should be tighter

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Although gun control laws are enforced in some states and are constantly being revised, the rate of mass shootings in the United States is still daunting– particularly in California. Gun-related homicide rates in California have been ramping up after a low point, showing the ineffectiveness of current laws.

If gun control is not put into place, the trend of increasing gun violence will not subside. The placement of federal gun control will regulate the production and distribution of firearms and will ensure that threats are suppressed. Currently, the U.S. houses some of the deadliest shootings ever, but the government does not take the proper steps to prevent them from happening again.

The government should heighten its surveillance of gun owners. Particularly, the frequency of psychological check-ups should be increased. Most assailants, including students, are mentally deranged with illnesses like schizophrenia and have become reliant on drugs to deal with them. Narcotics such as Xanax are addictive and disrupt the thought process of those who abuse them. Violent thoughts tend to appear amidst these minds, and a person should not be in possession of a gun if they do not pass a psychological test. The government needs to issue a tighter process of gun possession exams.

Others argue that current laws are sufficient, saying that the Second Amendment protects citizens’ rights to bear arms, so long as the arms is not an illegal weapon. However, the prevalence of assault weapons is still concerning,as most shooters acquire their guns by ways that break the law; the Constitution does not protect the population from the risks of a shooting the way it should. Because the second amendment was ratified in 1791, it is outdated and cannot act as a stopper of deadly weapon trafficking.

The nationwide issue of mass shootings is becoming worse at a steady rate, and proper measures need be put into place if the U.S. wishes to maintain a safe society.

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