Hanson Pham (Left) and Brian Pham (Right) performing at Pac Camp

All-Male, Choreo participate in summer dance camp

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Members of the dance teams, All-Male and Choreo, attended a Pilipino American Coalition Camp (PACC) during the summer with the desire to improve their experiences in dance.


This has been the first time where people from All-Male and Choreo would go to PACC to be taught how to increase their range of styles and performance.


“This experience really introduced me to new styles of dance and choreographers I’ve never known,” All-Male captain junior Brian Pham said. “It gave me an opportunity to perform in front of a live crowd and meet other dancers [who] gave me good advice [for] my future of dancing.”

They didn’t really know anyone but themselves who were going, but that soon changed as the team started to get familiar with the environment and people.


“Firstly, the environment was something that I never expected,” junior Sophia Lin said. “I thought that being with such amazing dancers would be so scary and intense, [but] it actually surprised me when everyone just cheered and it was so fun. The environment was so spirited and amazing.”


Going to events like these gave the dancers the opportunity to have fun, meet new people, and learn new skills. All of them met people who they didn’t know and created friendships.


“Something I [will] never forget is meeting this girl named Aianna and just getting close to my teammates,” junior Queenie Hua said. “I had the most fun at PACC than I did anywhere else during the summer.”

Even though everyone who went said they enjoyed the experience, there were complications. None of the dancers were able to drive and the location of the camp was in Long Beach, which is approximately a 30-minute drive from San Gabriel.


“The fact that it’s at Long Beach makes it difficult,” senior Cindy Feng said.


Overall their experience has changed the dance members as they improved their different styles and skills in dancing. They will be heading back to PACC again this summer, and will encourage other members on the team to go as they sort out problems, like the driving issue. They hope to keep on improving and pushing forward with the help of PACC during summer.

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