Movie review: Okoye and Caldwell set out to save city in Rampage

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Rampage is a movie whose title people would not remember, but instead remember it through Dwayne Johnson. Released on April 13th, it is already the eighteenth highest-grossing film in 2018.  Directed by Brad Peyton, who is best known for disaster films, and a six feet five-inch guy with two hundred and sixty pounds as the main character should clue you in that this movie has some pretty intense action and scenes with explosions.

Johnson plays primatologist Davis Okoye, a character that seems to be big guy, but that actually has a soft spot for animals. Okoye takes care of an albino gorilla, George. Okoye developed a special bond with George and has taught him sign language so that they can communicate with each other. Every movie or story has an antagonist, but who else can beat the global icon, Dwayne Johnson? The writer of the story has a very sharp mind and created a problem that was way bigger than Johnson could solve, even with his superb size and strength. It was when George, an alpha wolf, and a crocodile were infected with these formulas that were fallen from the earth by Caldwell’s science experiment lab center in space. George was not the same old George that Okoye knew; all of the infected animals grew as big as King Kong. Okoye and Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) go on adventures to help save the world before the three humongous animals destroy the city.

Critics might say that this movie is consists of nothing but a computer-generated imagery (CGI) of the city getting destroyed. But I think that the movie does have a lot of meaning to it, such as the friendship between a human and an animal, teamwork, and courage. Even if it was CGI, it is still pretty impressive that minute details were captured.

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