Los Renombrados recognizes seniors

The Los Renombrados ceremony was held in the auditorium to commemorate the achievements and successes of seniors on April 27. These awards were given to hardworking seniors who achieved academically and showed strong dedication for extracurriculars.

Los Renombrados is an honor society created by SGHS faculty in 1958 that recognizes the academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and overall character of students. Seniors that were qualified to participate in the Los Renombrados awards ceremony were recommended by teachers, but only a select few were chosen as its finalists. Out of many applicants, only 25 made it to the final stage. The 2018 Los Renombrados finalists were seniors Ezra Banlaoi, Carlos Carrillo, Rebekah Carrillo, Roxanne Fong, Xue Fu, Catherine Huang, Alina Hurtado, Randy Lee, Mellony Li, Patricia Lipana, Amy Pabon, Peggy Quach, Miguel Quintana, Edward Rivera, Kaylee Situ, Emily Su, Lexie Tang, Britney Ting, Elaine Tran, Sydney Tran, Fabiola Vega, Erica Wo, Maxwell Wong, Christina Yuan, and Lilian Zhang.

These finalists were chosen through an application process that involved teacher nominations and short-answer questions. Then they were ultimately evaluated and judged by the Los Renombrados committee. The committee was comprised of teachers, counselors, and staff members.

This award was a great achievement for senior Amy Pabon.

“I just feel really happy [and] grateful to be with all these wonderful students,” Pabon said. “I really do think that everything I’ve done in high school [has paid off]. I have something to show for it.”

Doubtful about her award, senior Xue Fu said she was in shock and had much thanks to give for her success.

“I’m just really appreciative that I got it because I’ve worked so hard for four years,” Fu said. “All the restless nights studying and participating in [activities] after school, I think it [really] paid off.”

Senior Rebekah Carrillo gave advice for upcoming seniors who desire to win the Los Renombrados award.

“Don’t put yourself down, because I honestly didn’t think I’d get it,” Rebekah Carrillo said. “You might be surprised. You could be chosen but just keep working hard because if you do get the award, it’ll pay off but even if you don’t, you’re still special.”

The Los Renombrados ceremony is hosted annually by San Gabriel High School.


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