ASB efforts go unnoticed, unappreciated

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Associated Student Body (ASB) members are responsible for much of the spirit related activities that go on around the school. Whether it be blowing up balloons at five in the morning for Academic Pep Rally, holding Inter-Club Council meetings, or directing the Freshman Summit, this leadership organization is constantly in preparation for the next event. Decorations, posters, and flyers are all made behind the scenes, in midst of other assignments and responsibilities to uphold. Once an event has been approved and prepared for, ASB gets ready to showcase their work. Yet, whether it be on the school walls, during rallies, or at the quad, most of it goes unnoticed. Instead, students just skim past the fruit of their work as if it were just another brick wall. Students should appreciate the effort ASB goes through to help create a more united school.

ASB does more than just planning pep rallies and spirit weeks. They are usually the ones who go over club applications, fundraisers, and events happening all throughout the school year. It can be quite hectic trying to organize all these events. They must operate efficiently and make sure to communicate with administrators and their peers in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. ASB members are under the pressure to make things as convenient as possible for all, while still adhering to a budget and sacrificing their own time. They must be able to manage those responsibilities along with their academics and other extracurricular activities. It goes to show how dedicated and passionate the students are towards making the school year as bright and fun as possible.

Oftentimes, people complain about the seeming “surplus” of fundraisers, but they are usually the same people who judge the decorations and supposed bland appearance of the dances and pep rallies. This frustrates the members to no end, and they feel put down by the lack of appreciation for their efforts, which are really for the rest of the student body’s benefit.

Although most people believe that ASB is all about popularity and that they do not do much, ASB is much more than that. Without them, school would be a lot more boring and even more dead than it already is.

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