LDF offers way to connect other students, make new friends

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Starting a long distance friendship can be quite difficult, however, San Gabriel High School (SGHS) will be having its first ever Long Distance Friendship club (LDF) starting in November. Penpal is exchanging letters with someone whom you have never met before.

The creator of the club, senior Catherine Huang, collaborated with her friend at Long Beach Polytechnic High School (LBPHS) to help out introverts or people who simply want to write to a pen pal.

“We hope that students won’t just interact with kids inside of school but people from different places and they are able to learn different environments,” Amanda Huang, the vice president of the club, said.

Senior Kylie Chow believes that making new friends is a really important skill that everyone needs. She hopes that joining LDF can help her improve these skills.

“I really want to be able to make some friends probably outside like the LA area, [or] at least a little further from Alhambra district area,” Chow said.

Even though it will be the last year for Chow, she hopes her penpal will still be in contact with her even when she is out of high school. Because the club is still new, LBPHS will be the only school that SGHS will interact with. However, Huang looks forward to working with other schools in the future. This club creates an intimate environment that allowed comfort and the expression of students’ feelings and emotions through their writing.

“The letters will not be read by anyone except your penpal,” Huang said. “We are not involved in the conversation; we want to [respect] their privacy.”

LDF will meet once every two weeks, and members are required to write three letters every two months.

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