MESA, Homeless Outreach receive new advisers for new school year

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In the wake of the recent leave of former math teacher Harmonie Bassette and the resignation of math teacher Nicolas Nguyen from Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA), both Homeless Outreach and MESA are now with new advisers for this school year. However, in contrast to last year, MESA has grown from one adviser to currently three advisers for the club.

Math teacher Kevin Nong is one of MESA’s new advisers and avidly believes MESA can really have a positive effect.

“I think it’s a really good club where we can get kids to engage in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and especially nowadays that all students, especially females and kids that come from disadvantaged families,” Nong said. “They need to be exposed to this.”

President and long standing four year member of MESA, senior Britney Ting has been hard at work adapting to new MESA advisers. Currently the transition has been very smooth, organized and up to date with events coming up.

“Since they’re [new advisers are] totally new to MESA, they might not have enough experience to help members out with their projects yet,” Ting said, “but a lot of the old projects have been replaced with new ones this year anyway, so both the cabinet and advisors are on equal footing.”

Homeless Outreach, a club dedicated to helping the homeless, is not having as smooth of a transition, but is working to change that. Bassette, former club adviser, usually holds a service called America’s Got Talent when nearing the second semester.

It’s where Ms. Bassette calls the people organizing it [and informs] that Homeless Outreach is going to be apart of the audience. Li [one of the new advisers] doesn’t really know how to do that yet because he’s never [done] it before,” junior Yin Huang, treasurer of Homeless Outreach, said. “[Li] is going to try and I know that [senior Sydney Tong], the president [of Homeless Outreach], will help him.”

Li sees the value of Homeless Outreach and hopes to work with them to keep the club running.

“I think what they’re doing is very meaningful to the homeless people,” Li said. “They’re making food for the homeless people, they distribute the food, and I think that’s great. I don’t want the club to have no place to meet and not have an adviser, so I took over to let them continue.”

Despite any difficulties to arise, cabinet members and advisers of MESA and Homeless Outreach will continue working hard to adapt to changes and continue to improve the club.

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