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Sugarfin provides fresh poke

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Poke, an appetizer or entree that originated in Hawaii, is a raw seafood salad mainly known for its uniqueness and freshness. With many poke stops opening, it seems as though Los Angeles’s love for poke is never ending.

Sugarfin, a new poke bar located in Monterey Park opened its door just weeks ago. I arrived on May 19th, which was the same day they had their grand opening event in which customers receive a free poke bowl with every purchase. Upon entering, I was surprised there was not a lot of customers. My first impression of the restaurant was that the place is really clean and tidy.

The owners were very friendly and extremely helpful. They guided me through the large variety of food items their restaurant offered. The menu features both their signature poke bowls and signature pokerritos, as well as different sides and beverages to go with the poke. They also have an option where customers can create their own poke bowl, which is what I decided to do.

I chose salmon and spicy tuna as my protein and I also got an assortment of mix-ins like corn, red onions, mango chunks and crab meat since there was no extra charge. Both the protein I chose did not have a strong fishy aroma and tasted incredible especially paired with the flavorful spicy mayo sauce. All the ingredients were fresh and had a nice crunchy texture to it. I think the portions were pretty small since they had the buy one get one free deal, but nonetheless, it was still delicious. In total, I paid around 10 dollars for two poke bowls. Regularly, to make your own poke bowl, a regular sized bowl would cost $9.50, while a large would cost $11.50.

Being that this restaurant had amazing service and fresh poke for a somewhat affordable price, I would definitely come again and try their pokerritos and sides.

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