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Mental health, its effects crosses with teenagers

Anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder are just a couple of mental illnesses. With the television show 13 Reasons Why, the controversy around mental illnesses has been brought it to the light. And with it being May of 2017, it is the Mental Health Awareness month.

The list of those who has a mental illness includes Chris Cornell, Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga, and Pete Wentz.

The topic of mental illness is not broadened nor discussed on a basis of weekly or monthly. The topic is not discussed until an incident takes over the news channel in the wake of a shooting or a murder or another “accident.”

The sight of a panic attack or anxiety attack is not to be shown in just any setting. The scent of tears from one with depression versus one who is merely sad suggests no difference, yet the inside is very different. The well-known cases of bullying or fighting or being secluding having connections to the said mental illnesses. Many responses to the term mental are seen to be disregarded and unforeseen and dismissed before being examined or treated.

The definition of major depressive order (depression): a common and serious chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters signaling consistent and strong feelings of negativity and sadness. Now, this coincides with the typical moody teenager apparently: angst reflecting anxiety; anxiety is a very common mental illness disorder where worry is shown excessive and intensely. Anxiety and depression are just a word in which is followed by a variety of the types of anxiety disorders as well as depressive disorder.

According to <www.nimh.nih.gov>, one in five children between the ages of 13 to 18 have or will suffer from a mental illness. Also, 90 percent of those who are a part of the tenth leading cause of deaths overall all causes of deaths: suicide, has an underlying mental illness.

The effects of mental health vary, but the initiation of raising awareness for mental health does not. Many have cumulated their own visual of what mental illness is due to the movies and television shows, and even news channel portraying mental illnesses.

Teenagers and the symptoms of mental illnesses are far too played and joked around with willingly. Many symptoms correspond indirectly to a typical teenager’s life; stress and mood swings and inability to feel or think and feeling worried all seems familiar in a teenager’s life. This significantly crosses with teenagers and becomes hard to tell the difference and hard to speak up due to the desire for physical health being more acknowledged.

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