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Molina wins automotive scholarship

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With his dad as a mechanic and a problematic car being the reason his parents met, Junior Rodrigo Molina has been fascinated by cars his entire life, so it is no surprise that he has gotten a scholarship for automotive excellence.

“I was pretty excited,” Molina said. “I was actually really happy.”

Molina has loved cars since he was a child. He began working on cars with his father and has always enjoyed working on a car. However, it was until this year that Molina started looking at the automotive industry as a potential career option.

“I started at a young age liking cars and working on [them],” Molina said, “but I didn’t actually start looking into my career until about this year.”

A nearby company by the name of All Auto awarded Molina with the scholarship. The banquet was held on April 26. The whole night was a mix of emotions for Molina; he was invited to the banquet and thought he was going to get the same reward as everyone else.

“They kept calling everybody’s name. They would come up and pick up a little set of wrenches… then when they called out my name for the one hundred dollar scholarship… I was really happy and proud of myself,” Molina said.

As he looks to the future, Molina wants to receive a scholarship and attend Wyotech—a trade school in Wyoming that specializes in the entire automotive industry. He plans on coming to school during the summer to work on an automobile donated to the school, as well as returning to autotech next year.

“I’m not that much of a book person, I’m more of a hands-on [person],” Molina said. “That’s why I find the automotive industry more interesting.”

Molina has found joy in the art of working on a car, and would like to encourage anyone who has not found a career yet to look beyond the basic college majors.

“For a lot of people out there that are like me that don’t like writing and reading all the time: look into the trade jobs,” Molina said.

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