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Living Outside the Lines

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A beautifully written work of art, “Inside the Lines” includes a production film in its official music video that speaks loudly to not conform to the norm. Produced by Mike Perry, vocalized by Casso, and directed by Jimi Drosinos, the song depicts a couple going against the expectations of society.

Many people are unable to find their pastimes with leisure, given everything else going on in their lives―work, school, family, and other responsibilities we don’t know of. The protagonist in the film is a burgeoning artist that needs “something green to sleep at night,” representing his hobby and his need to explore nature in order to fully live life. His goals of becoming a successful artist are ambitious because there is no job security in the real world, so the couple lives in “restlessness” but are in it together.

The portraits the protagonist sketches are his own “true works of art,” things not suited for change as they are perfect in itselves. The attempt to “keep their colors inside the lines” symbolizes the normal artistic style most people follow, but it’s “hard to draw emotions in troubled minds, inside the lines.” In other words, it’s difficult to pour your feelings into a portrait when you’re only drawing inside the lines. Thus, following society’s expectations limits an individual’s true potential.

Behind the bombastic bass drop lies a message to live outside the lines.

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