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Phung cracks code, learns computer programming with Python at UCLA

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Through the world of coding, the internet, photos, music, and online stores are all made possible. In order to learn how to code, senior Calvin Phung decided to enroll in the Los Angeles Computing Circle (LACC) program during the summer to assist his future career.

Before enrolling in the four week coding program located at the University of California, Los Angeles, Phung was required to submit a resume and answer various questions regarding any previous coding experience. Throughout the program, he learned about topics such as coding with Python, website creation, and mobile applications.

“Being able to code is a useful skill to have for a lot of things I want to do, like websites and mobile app development,” Phung said.

At LACC, many of his projects, such as making games with Python and solving language detection problems, were done on a computer. However, towards the end of the program, Phung was able to gain hands-on experience and work with a microcontroller, a device used to bridge videoconferencing connections that can send radio signals.

“For the final project, I used a microcontroller as a remote control and the signals it sent to a game let [me] move a spaceship around,” Phung said. “When I finished programming the controls, I felt satisfied because it gave a really tangible result.”

Although the workload at the program required a lot of time and strenuous work, he appreciated every aspect of it.

“The program in general was pretty difficult because most projects took several hours to finish, but it was also the most fun I had in awhile,” Phung said.

Not only did LACC expand his expertise, it gave him a head start so he will be better prepared when he attends a university, as he now has some background information relevant to the subject. Phung has yet to decide where he wants to continue his education next fall, but he plans to pursue a career in electrical engineering and technology such as robotics.

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