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Perception leads to brainwashing

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The amount of violence reported in the daily news brings upon accusations that have brainwashed many people into believing those accusations. I, however, would say that it depends on how a person perceives the situation itself.

Brainwashing is defined as making someone adopt different beliefs through emotional pressure. Fictional characters, traumatizing events, gruesome horror, and messed up story lines are some examples of brainwashing that influence people to commit certain actions, especially teenagers. Perception is defined as being aware through your senses.

With the Aurora theater shooting that occurred three years ago, the shooter James Holmes claimed to have been “brainwashed to commit murder” and blamed his therapist for his actions. The incident occurred during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises and left many dead. Along with him, there was a stabbing in Wisconsin involving three teenagers, and they said that they praised the fictional character “Slender Man.”

Social media is a platform where anything can be seen, but this has led to misleading information and traumatizing videos. Nowadays, misleading information can be found everywhere, especially on social media, television or movies.

From misinterpreted actions to false discrimination, brainwashing has taken a toll on society. It all begins with a person’s perception of things such as fictional characters, traumatizing events, gruesome horror, and messed up story lines.


by Kim Ta

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