Irene Yue

Name: Irene Yue

Grade: 10

Position: Reporter

My inspiration: My inspiration is to do the best in school both academically and in sports. In college, I hope to go into either Business or Computer Science or both. I’m really passionate about computers and working with computers in general and I also enjoy finances and what a person in business does.

Hobbies: I enjoy swimming, playing video games, listening to music, biking, and just hanging out with family and friends.

Three words to describe me: The three words to describe me is nice, hard-working, and kind.

Favorite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

My goal for this year: My goal for this year is doing the best I can in class and getting an A in all my classes. I also want to meet new people.

Reason for joining: My reason for joining Newspaper is because I really enjoy meeting new people and writing, and I love what Newspaper does so I joined Newspaper because of that.