PHOTO BY VIVIAN NGUYEN, Junior Katelyn Ngo (13) approaches the net and strikes a kill against the Lancers as Senior Zhimin Yu (2) covers her from behind.

Girls varsity volleyball triumph over Lancers, winning 3-1

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A silent breeze of anticipation swept through the court as the Matador and Lancer teams lined up to start the game. On Sept. 13, the girls varsity volleyball team went against the Bell Gardens Lancers for their first league game of the season, winning the game 3-1. 

Cheers and screams filled the arena as outside hitter junior Katelyn Ngo scored in the first set, giving the team a lead. Her constant barrage showcased the skills she developed through amounts of vigorous training. Ngo and the rest of the team proved themselves to be ready for the season. 

“It really matters [be]cause we need to send a message to everyone in [the] league that we’re ready to play and play against them,” said Ngo. “My goal here is to get recognition for what I do [because] I put a lot of hard work into this sport so I just want people to recognize it.” 

As the match continued, tensions rose, especially for middle blocker junior Ruby Hernandez, since it was her first league game as a varsity player. She had hoped to not make any mistakes and to fulfill her coaches and teammates’ expectations. Despite this constant fear, Hernandez stayed optimistic.

“This game is important to me; it’s our first league game and it’s actually my first time being [on] varsity,” said Hernandez. “I do [feel pressured] sometimes because] I’m on the spot [and I might] make a mistake.”

After a long and stressful match, the Matadors claimed their victory against the Lancers. Although both teams were not the same after their upperclassmen graduated, they still performed remarkably. However, opposite hitter junior Josephine Oetomo believed that the team was not giving their best performance. Although proud of the win, Oetomo thinks the Lancers were not the same team they once were.

“Even though we had the win, it still felt like everybody was running on like 50% [or] 70%,” said Oetomo. “Since their seniors are gone this year, it definitely affected their team as a whole so although I’m glad for the win, it isn’t the same team that we’re supposed to go against.”

With a victory now under their belt, the team looks forward to their next match, hoping to continue their winning streak and create a reputation for themselves. One of the many individuals leading the team to improvement is Coach Byron, who aims to give all the players their time in the limelight and experience. 

“Everyone on this team improved so much compared to when they began in the summer,” said Byron. “I know I’m not the perfect coach [but] I want to build a culture of winning at this school.”

Ending their first match and starting the season with a triumph, the Matadors look forward to their game against the Mark Keppel Aztecs on Oct. 4.

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