PHOTO BY JEREMY GUTIERREZ Caption: (Left to right) Seniors Vivian Phan, Tien Nguyen, Kelly Hoang, Samantha Martinez, drama teacher Kelsey McNeilly, Hilary Ung, and Win Aung. The 2022-23 Drama Club cabinet surprised their adviser with a bouquet of flowers to show their thanks.

Drama Club elects new cabinet, celebrates at end-of-year banquet

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Drama Club held its end-of-year banquet on May 13, wherein the members gathered, ate, performed, and reminisced on the past year. The club used the banquet as a way to finish up outstanding club business, relax, and prepare for the next year. Several students were also the recipients of trophies.

“I think everyone wants what is best for the club, and people truly do vote for who they think did the best job, not necessarily who their bestie is,” Drama Club adviser Kelsey McNeilly said. “So overall I trusted this group of students to vote responsibly, and they did!

Eleven students received awards in different categories, such as Best Lead Performer in a Play or Best Lead Performer in a Musical. In addition to performance awards, five seniors were awarded with cords for their participation in Drama Club. In order to qualify for a cord, a student must participate in at least four4 shows. Following the award show, several members of the club took turns singing karaoke.

“The performances, I feel, were fun, and really let people relax and be themselves,” Martinez said. Everyone was always so respectful and gave their attention that it was really easy to just enjoy the moment and be able to connect with one another.”

Among the performers was McNeilly who, amidst solos, duets, and group performances, sang “Somewhere That’s Green” from Little Shop of Horrors, the show the club was meant to perform before the lockdown in March of 2020. McNeilly, who views performing as something scary, wanted to model vulnerability for her students.

“Our table centerpieces were all props from the past 4 years of shows to represent where we have been,” McNeilly said. “The drama club is all about coming together and having a good time! So I think overall it was an amazing way to end the year and everyone left feeling full! Full of love and full of pizza!”

Before the party could begin, the Drama Club cabinet for the 2022-2023 school year was revealed. Presented by McNeilly and members of the current cabinet via slideshow, the six new positions were filled. The students were decided by a vote prior to the banquet.

“I really like the new cabinet,” Samantha Martinez, senior and vice president of Drama Club, said. “I personally know a majority of them, and I feel they will do great in continuing to create this safe and creative environment.”

The new Drama Club cabinet includes freshman Elijah Luna for president and junior Sofia Chavarria for vice president. The majority of the new positions are held by freshmen, although the cabinet is varied.

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