The Matrix Resurrections bores audiences

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The Matrix Resurrections is the sequel to the illustrious Matrix trilogy. As a sequel to some of the greatest movies of all time, there was a lot of understandable hype surrounding the movie. However, The Matrix Resurrections does not live up to this hype and is mediocre in many ways. The story’s frequent references to the original movie made it feel like a nostalgic cash grab and a parody of the original film with its horrifically bad comedy. The one redeeming quality of the movie was its choreography and special effects reminiscent of the original Matrix, which was mediocre at best.

The Matrix Resurrections follows Neo, who is once again stuck in the Matrix. In the Matrix, Neo is a game developer who creates a game called the “Matrix,” which is what the original trilogy takes place in. The film introduces a range of new characters, like Bugs, the leader of the group who saves Neo, and returning characters like Morpheus, his mentor. Along with a new crew, Neo fights against the matrix to save Trinity, his love interest.

The Matrix Resurrections has many flaws, but the prominent ones have to be its awful comedy and annoyingly constant references to the original movie. A famous scene from the original Matrix is when Neo has to choose between the blue pill and the red pill, one representing going back into the Matrix and the other representing fighting against the Matrix for freedom. This is referenced multiple times in Resurrections. I slowly lost interest each time they referenced the scene. Additionally, characters would often say exact lines from the original movie and then remark that it was a line from the original movie right after. The movie felt like it was fishing for as much nostalgia as they could get. The comedy was disgustingly bad, and the only times I laughed was at how bad the movie was.

The one redeeming quality of the movie was its choreography, as it was the only thing in the movie that caught my attention. Each fight scene had retained a certain style that reminded me of the original movies. The special effects were also very similar to the original movies and were quite stunning to see. Although, both the choreography and special effects were good in comparison to the rest of the movie, they were mediocre at best. Their special effects were very similar to the effects of the original movie which was made 20 years ago.

The Matrix Resurrections felt like a parody movie with its terrible comedy and constant references to the original movies. With the only redeeming quality being the film’s mediocre fight scenes, after watching this movie, I wanted to take a blue pill.

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