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I hated the cotton fields. In the freezing morning, I picked cotton, and in the sweltering heat, I picked cotton. As I bent down, I felt a tap on my back. Everything went black. As I looked up from my book, I realized I was in class. My teacher was calling me, but I was too immersed in my reading to hear. That was one of many times I found myself so invested in a story that I experienced it firsthand. Reading has always captivated me by sparking my imagination and letting me learn about things I would never experience. It has also pushed me to pursue a career in English.

When I was young, I often got lost in libraries and the stories they guarded inside. Yet, as I grew up, I started finding American literature stale, losing my once fanatical desire to read. In search of something new, I turned to the internet. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese books became my main reading sources. As I read these books, I found myself hating who the main character was, but I slowly grew to love them as they developed into someone fit to fill their role. As I saw the faults within the characters I read about, it made me more aware of my own faults and motivated me to fix them. Recently, I found myself captivated by American literature again. After overcoming my own struggles, whether it be dealing with loneliness or the fear of being left behind, I found myself able to understand and sympathize with the problems often portrayed in American literature. I could once again put myself into the shoes of the characters I read about.

Reading has also helped me be more understanding. Because of it, I learned to consider everyone’s perspective in a situation. For example, when I argue with someone, I try to take a step back and look beyond the moment to better understand the situation. By doing so, I clear my mind and find a solution rather than erupting with frustration.

As an aspiring English teacher, I want to help others realize their love for English, like I did through reading. I always felt like I lived vicariously through the books I read, giving me an escape from the real world. I lived as a knight, a magician, and a war refugee, rather than a kid with no friends. I want to pass on my love for reading, so they can get lost in countless stories, just as I aim to every day.

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