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Peer Counseling hosts Sexual Assault Awareness Month event

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After weeks of preparation, Peer Counseling hosted a three-day event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. From April 19-21, Peer Counselors stayed out in the Quad to host games that brought attention to the different types of abuse and how to handle the situations effectively.

Peer Counseling planned interactive games such as “Red Light, Green Light,” to help understand limits in relationships. Students were given phrases where if it was deemed consensual, participants moved forward. However, phrases that violate boundaries and consent, participants could not move.

“In Peer Counseling, we talked everything out,” senior Chelsea Kha said. “During the discussion, one idea seemed to lead to another, and we all started brainstorming about what we can do to be more interactive.”

On April 20, a water balloon toss game was held. Students paired up to compete where one was blindfolded while tossing the balloon to their partner. The partner’s objective is to guide the other to safely throw the balloon without popping it to teach about healthy communication.

“We really wanted to raise awareness,” Kha said. “We talk about sexual assault, but nothing actually gets done. We don’t talk about consent or boundaries at school.”

After every event, the winners received rewards such as candy and ribbons. The final day was a game show where teams of four students competed against one another in six rounds. Peer Counselors asked questions with different colored plastic eggs corresponding to each answer. One player from both teams sat on a chair and raced to put the right egg into the box placed in between them.

“The event was fun since I played with my friends,” junior Vanessa Lao said. “It was meaningful because people realized what the right thing to do was. I would’ve made different choices but participating in the game made me realize that there were other methods that were more appropriate and helpful.”

Peer Counselors provided a learning opportunity to staff and students. This event will be the class’s last of the year, with more planned out for the next school year.

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