Dream Center greatest response to marginalization

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The school launched the Dream Center on April 11 in room S-5. The Dream Center has the important goal of being a place where marginalized student groups can gather. While there are multiple avenues to pursue when combatting marginalization, the Dream Center is undoubtedly the best option. The Dream Center will be a success because it heavily involves students in its decision-making and serves as an open forum for students. 

Students are playing a crucial role in the formation of the Dream Center. The program has involved members from Queer Peers, Alliance of Latin American Students, Peer Assistants, and the Chinese Club. Its incorporation of student voices is where the Dream Center shines. Allowing students to take the helm ensures that the Dream Center will be sensitive and aware of pressing student issues. As a result, it will be flexible and responsive to the student body. 

At the Dream Center, students are encouraged to connect with others. The program places an emphasis on those who feel overlooked such as immigrant and LGBTQ+ students. Such students are likely to have similar experiences: feeling disadvantaged by their differences. By fostering a community among these students,

they can realize their adversities are not isolated, but shared by peers. This newfound company can boost their self-esteem since there is now a support group they can rely on. 

Currently, the Dream Center’s scope is limited, but it is important to remember that the program is still in its infancy. The Dream Center has plans to heighten its impact through inviting guest speakers and working with counselors, Peer Counselors, and Peer Assistants. The involvement of more people, especially guest speakers and counselors with their expertise, will make it an even more effective tool in creating a tolerant environment.

The Dream Center could not have come at a more relevant time with its opening coming only days after the student protest against racism and sexual assault at campus. Students at the protest shared their encounters with discrimination and neglect—things that the Dream Center has made its mission to repel. The future of a more inclusive campus is even more probable and within reach now that the Dream Center is here.

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